Soldiering on!

On November 2, 2012, in News, by Noz

The Noble Europeans returned from holiday with the launch of MoP, and we are enjoying the new expansion so far. Raiding wise we have had a really slow start due to circumstances we were not able to control ourselves. Stormscale is a highly populated server, and that meant that we had to deal with LARGE ques for quite a few weeks, making it hard to get 25man raiding up and running. How ever we have been using the downtime to assemble a raidteam, wich means we have taken in some new rectruits – and now started progressing in the new content on 25man. Recently we killed two new bosses in one day.

We encourage old members to return to the ranks of TNE, and we also hope to see lots of applications from new people wanting to become part of the raiding team in TNE. Socials are also welcome, and do not have to post an application.

Bottom like, TNE is back in business, and we are soldiering on, as we have done since April 2005.


Open for recruitment!

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Recruitment Poster

What can we offer?

A guild with a really good community, where we aim at hardcore raiding, casual style. Meaning that we do not demand that our members have an insane high attendance – so 2-3 raids a week is enough. When you join a raid, we expect you to be ready – meaning reading up on tactics and potted/flasked to you teeth, and also having food for buff. We of course have a ventrilo server, our own raid point system and a website. We have players that attend every raid, but we also have players that attend only a few times a week, we want to have room for everyone. Of course you cant join and expect to be 100% sure to join all raids, but we can promise, that if you join – and preform well, we will strive to make it possible for you to join all the raids you want to – dertimened by your activity of course.

What is needed to join The Noble Europeans?

  • 18+ age
  • Ventrilo (mic is preferred)
  • Able to join at least 2-3 raids a week
  • Being able to raid 19.00 – 23.00 Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
  • Lvl 90 with at least 2 maxed out professions, reputation with needed factions and heroic / craftable items with gems and enchants
  • You know your class, how to play it and are open to learn and develop
  • Able to communicate in english
  • Good stable connection
  • A computer that fit the standards of wow – meaning you do not lagg so much, that is influence you raiding

What classes is it that The Noble Europeans need?

Healers: All types
Tanks: All types
DPS: We can fit in any good applicant, but have a rather large group of hunters and mages.

If you are interested in joining The Noble Europeans, click the ‘Apply for Membership’ link on the right side, or contact one of the following ingame:





Direct link:

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Summer Vacation

On May 24, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Noz

Hello there!

Seeing as the summertime has hit most of europe, and my airconditioner bill already has hit my spending limit due to the 24/7 gaming of Diablo 3, we have decided to take a summerbreak from raiding in world of warcraft.
Goodluck to the people who have exams comming up and happy vacation to everyone – see you in Mist of Pandaria!




On February 14, 2012, in News, by Noz

We have arrived on Stormscale!

TNE @ Stormscale


From Deathwing to Tarren Mill as Alliance, from Tarren Mill to Shadowmoon as Horde,  from there a free migration onto Agamaggan and now we moved yet again – this time to Stormscale!

It has been some busy days since we started to migrate, many new faces have joined our ranks and we have gotten started on our 25m raids in heroic Dragon Soul by killing Morchok.!

It has also taken some days to report the worst spammers in orgrimmar and getting used to their being more people present in a distant place like thunderbluff than there have ever been online on any of our former servers! We are happy to have joined Stormscale and they are lucky to have us! ;)


So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

On January 23, 2012, in News, by Noz

 Hello followers of TNE.

On the 22nd of January it was decided among the officers of TNE that we will migrate away from Agamaggan starting on the 5th of February.

We have decided that it is time to move to a new home, in order to be able to recruit new people for our raiding team. We hope as many as possible will follow us, raiders, friends, pvpers, humans and heck even the swedish folk.

The final destination will be announced as soon as we have decided, and at the latest on the 5th February.

Migrating 5th of Febuary