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About The Noble Europeans

Welcome to one of the oldest guilds in World of Warcraft.!

We have been around since beta, and originally started as an alliance guild on Deathwing, and later migrated to Tarren Mill.At some point in TBC we rerolled horde on a rather low populated server (Yea, I forgot its name) and migrated to Agamaggan where we spend our time all the way up to Mist of Pandaria. Sadly, the server was dying out and we decided to look for yet a new home. We found the server with the largest population of horde and jumped in with both feet to the horror that is Stormscale. I am not gonna list all the things that were wrong with that choice, but while the pool of people were extremely high, the mental age of everyone seemed way below our requirements.

So that brings us till today - back at our old home Tarren Mill though this time as horde.

Other than having been around for nearly 10 years in World of Warcraft, you will also be able to find us in other mmo games, on steam and facebook. We are first and foremost a community.

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